Thursday, November 19, 2009


Ando...tulaaa...sape suh beli??? kan dh rugi RM5...padahal tgu x sampai pn 24 jam... tulaaa...sape suh.. huhuhu... sy telah tersilap dlm membeli susu Iman Irdina...patutnye beli ari ni kat Hock Kee Seng... tp smlm... gatal2 sgt g jln2 kat Manja... trus membeli tanpa bicara... balik2 umah jer... aiyoyo... sudah rugi la ini macam... huhuhuhu...

dakpe2... ari ni beli gak susu Iman kat Hock Kee Seng tu..murah2... wajib beli n buat stok! hak hak. yezza..

Progress Gold (from 1 year)
The toddler years are critical periods of development; young kids are gaining emotional control, acquiring language and attaining understanding of symbols. This age period is also characterized by variable dietary patterns. These normal developments suggest the importance of providing well-balanced nutrition to ensure adequate nutrient intake. For example, Iron for the formation of red blood cells and transport of oxygen to cells, Calcium for development of strong bones and teeth, Protein to build and repair body tissues and other essential vitamins and minerals for optimal growth and development.

Wyeth PROGRESS GOLD is a premium milk suitable for toddlers 1-3 years. Formulated with the Wyeth Biofactors System, Wyeth PROGRESS GOLD is a nutritious milk formula that combines important nutrients at proper levels, including Lutein, preformed AA & DHA, 5 Nucleotides and Carotenes.  It also contains Iron, Calcium and other vitamins and minerals to support the growth and physical development during your child’s formative years.

Three servings of Wyeth PROGRESS GOLD along with a healthy diet, provide at least 100% of the US DRIs for protein, major vitamins and minerals.

Supermarket, Hypermarket, Chinese Medical Hall, Pharmacy & Provisions

Packs Available
900 g can / 200g & 700g softpack in a box

Maltodextrin; Nonfat Cow’s Milk Powder; Vegetable Oils [Soybean Oil, Oleic (Sunflower or Safflower), Palm Oil]; Lactose; Whey Protein Concentrate; Soy Lecithin; Monoglycerides; Ethyl Vanillin; Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids from Single-Cell Sources [Arachidonic Acid (AA), Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)]; Nucleotides (Cytidine-5’-Monophosphate, Disodium Uridine-5’-Monophosphate, Adenosine-5’-Monophosphate, Disodium Inosine-5’-Monophosphate, Disodium Guanosine-5’-Monophosphate); Mixed Tocopherols Concentrate; Ascorbyl Palmitate; Lutein (Tagetes erecta L.).

Sodium Chloride; Potassium Hydroxide; Potassium Bicarbonate; Ferrous Sulfate; Zinc Sulfate; Manganese Sulfate; Copper Sulfate; Potassium Iodide.

Ascorbic Acid; Choline Chloride; Nicotinamide;Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate; Vitamin A Palmitate; Thiamine Hydrochloride; Pyridoxine Hydrochloride; Pantothenic Acid; Cholecalciferol; Carotene Extract; Folic Acid; Riboflavin; Vitamin K; Biotin.

Nutritional Information

Per 100 g Per Serving

450 kkal/kcal
14.5 g
15 g Vegetable Oils; Soy Lecithin, LCPUFAs: (AA 12 mg; DHA 8.1 mg)
64 g
12 mg
Vitamin A
750 ug
95 ug
90 ug
Vitamin D
225 IU
Vitamin E
5.6 IU
Vitamin K
23 ug
Vitamin B1
405 ug
Vitamin B2
721 ug
Vitamin B6
450 ug
Vitamin B12
0.95 ug
5180 ug
Asid Folik/Folic Acid
83 ug
Pantothenic Acid/Asid Pantotenik
1351 ug
9.0 ug
Vitamin C
54 mg
450 mg
360 mg
45 mg
Zat Besi/Iron
5.6 mg
4.5 mg
0.41 mg
45 ug
212 mg
811 mg
495 mg
Contains permitted food conditioner and flavouring substance.
Contains Alpha-Lactalbumin (Alpha Protein), a component of whey protein.

How to prepare Progress Gold
Mixing Instructions
Each can of Wyeth PROGRESS GOLD contains a scoop for preparation. To prepare one feed, refer to the following chart as a guide.
Lukewarm or Cool Water (Previously Boiled)
Level Scoops

Feedings Per Day
175 mL

2 - 3
Size pencedok: 8.8g

Size of scoop contained within can: 8.8g

Storage Instructions
Keep can in a cool, dry place. Always replace lid after use. Use within 4 weeks of opening. Avoid prolonged storage at excessive temperatures. Expiration date on bottom of can.